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Air Bike MTB 6/7/8 Speed Chain ZG51 Chain 116L £6.95
Introducing our Shimano IG-HG51 replacement chain Specification 6/7/8 Speed Compatible Suitable for all Index systems up to 8 speed1/2”x3/32” - 116 LinksPin Length - 7.1mmPin strength - 150kgfTensile strength - Minimum 860kgfWeight - 320gIG/HG/Shimano/Sram CompatibleUniversal for 6/7/8 SpeedChrome Plate/ Anti Rust resistance.Lower noise at engagement.   Installation INSTALLATION TOOLS REQUIRED : Chain Rivet ExtractorPlease ensure your bicycle has been cleaned and inspected before installation.We strongly advise this is completed in a well lit/clean area and you have the suitable tools and eye protection to hand! If in any doubt please seek the assistance of a qualified Technician/ Engineer). Installation instructions;First, lubricate the sealing rings with the grease then push two rings onto the two pins of the link. Now lubricate the back of the chain plates and push the grease into the chain roller holes. Then push the link through from the back of the chain and try to push back as much grease as you possibly can! The more grease the better!Secondly, put the last two rings onto the front of the link around the side plates and align correctly. All that grease will help to hold them in position. Now we need to press on the outside plate correctly. To do this you will require a suitable tool. The idea is to press on the plate in exactly the same position as all the other chain links so that it is aligned with the width perfectly. Certain chain tools provide you with spacer blocks, this is to help you do this without over- tightening. That being said if you don’t have one of these then just take your time and be careful. From here measure the width of the other chain links to the outside of the two side plates. Make sure this is the plates and NOT the pins. Carefully push on your rivet link plate until the rivet link width is aligned with the other chain links. Please be careful and patient with your measuring to make sure you don’t over tighten it.Finally we just need to rivet the pin. Our solid pin design needs to be rivetedover with a suitable tool to replicate the riveting on all the other pins. Nevertheless, simply remember that you don’t need to over do this. The riveting is there to make sure the plate can’t come off, but there is no force pushing the plate off unless something is not aligned correctly. That’s it! You’re on. Your new installed riveted joining link should be aligned and the same width and it should be able to move as freely as all the other links. Please be aware that it should not be tight or binding. If it is, then you have gone wrong somewhere on the installation . If this is the case you’ll need to buy a new link and start again. If you are in any doubt or have any problem with installation then consult a qualified technician/Engineer