26 Inch Fat Tyre Air Fork 120mm Travel + Lockout and Rebound Black - Air Bike


26 Inch Fat Tyre Air Fork 120mm Travel + Lockout and Rebound Black - Air Bike


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Product description

Air Bike is delighted to announce the release of the XC32 Fat Bike Air addition, 120 mm suspension Fork. Our fork is designed by us, a group of cycling fanatics, specifically for the UK MTB scene. Please be aware that 10/20mm of the travel is used up within the stanchion as a safety design feature to prevent the fork from bottoming out.

Manufactured for us by a world leading fork manufacturer, we are absolutely positive you will be blown away by the build quality. It really is second to none and covered by a no quibble 30-day money back guarantee.

Air Sprung

The XC32A HLO fork features 120mm of playful air-adjustable suspension, offering a buttery smooth ride and the ability to tailor the spring stiffness to the rider’s weight by adding or reducing air pressure in the air chamber. The advantage of an air spring over a coil spring is that the air spring dramatically reduces the overall weight of the XC32A HLO fork, leading to a jaw dropping total weight of 1950g.

Note: The fork technology has about 10-20mm of sag from factory which helps prevent bottom-out.

Adjustable Rebound

The XC32A HLO fork is fully rebound-adjustable. Rebound adjustment is critical for cornering control as it ensures that the front wheel remains in contact with the ground as much as possible, bolstering traction when things get slippery. Finding your sweet-spot will also reduce wrist, elbow and shoulder fatigue by controlling fork bounce over the rough stuff.

Hydraulic Lockout

The XC32A HLO fork features our *Hydraulic Gated Lockout System so you can progressively tune the fork’s stiffness. Now you can ride uphill fully locked-out with no bounce, reducing effort and making your ride that bit more enjoyable! This clever Lockout system also reduces the overall fork weight by roughly 350 grams.

The XC32FB comes with a 1”1/8 straight steerer 250mm long and should fit 80% of bikes manufactured..


Intended Use: XC

Size: 26 Inch

Travel: 120mm

Type: Quick Release Air Fork

Max Disc: 180m

Right Side: HLO-Hydraulic Lock Out Lever

Left Side: Air Spring and Inflation Valve

Crown: Solid Forged Crown

Stanchion: 32mm Dia A6000 Hard anodized Gold 

Lower: Ultra Light Magnesium

Brake: Post mount 160mm

Steerer Tube: 1.1/8", STKM 250mm Long

Axle: 9mm Dropout

Weight: 1950g +/- 5%

Max Tyre Size: 4.00 Inch

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Total price: £100.00